Valentine's Day Movie Trailer

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Hope it's good! The cast is amazing.

There are no words...

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So much to talk about--Tiger, Tom Brady's baby, cheesy Christmas movies...this is by far the most fascinating thing I've seen this week. Who knew Martha likes her burgers "animal style"?

New Favorite

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One of my favorite blogs, dailycandy.comturned me on to Lypsyl, a great Swedish balm that has been softening lips with coconut oil and beeswax since 1905. Lypsyl has a nice minty flavor and the tube lasts a long time. It's great for chapped winter lips. You can find it at Walgreens, CVS or online at and at $3 it's a great investment.

No need to get up at 4 am to shop...go online!

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In the spirit of Black Friday I thought I'd share my new favorite online store. In the last few years I have started doing most of my Christmas shopping online. This year Entertainment Weekly introduced me to . Thanks EW! It has such fun and funky items for sale. I highly recommend it for those "hard to shop for" family members or friends. The Kor One water bottles are one of my favorite finds. They also have fun 2010 wall calendars, planners and some really cute reusable grocery bags. Happy Shopping!

Waffle shortage coming to a supermarket near you...

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Don't leggo your Eggos if you can help it...apparently America is in the midst of an Eggo Waffle Shortage. Flooding from heavy rains in Georgia have temporarily closed a large Eggo Waffle plant, causing a sharp drop in supply. Equipment problems at another large plant in Tennessee means the shortage is spreading.  Is this the biggest challange of Barack Obama's presidency? You'd think so from the hysteria shown on the news. I myself am a fan and frequent purchaser of Eggo waffles...but I'm not going to let this waffle shortage alter my breakfast routine. I won't switch over to Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudel just yet...FYI...Archer Farms' (Target) waffles are just as tasty and even less expensive. Hopefully Kelloggs can right this problem ASAP. Oh, and there's a shortage of pumpkin as well... so if there's an apple pie on your Thanksgiving table this week, that's why.

Elf Yourself v. 3.0

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Blast! Every year I get sucked in by ElfYourself, even though the concept should be totally lame to me by now. The site is back for Christmas '09 with a couple new features, including "singing" elves, the ability to post to Twitter/Facebook and the very necessary "Hip Hop Elves." (For $4.99 you can download your clip.)
Go ahead, make sure your boss isn't looking, and go waste some time at I think I'll put myself breakin' it down with Tom Brady this year...

There'd better be a song about the leg lamp...

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A Christmas Story, The Musical!, based on the 1983 MGM film, premieres at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre Nov. 20-Dec. 27, 2009.  It has already broken box office records at KC Rep and is aiming for a 2010 Broadway debut.  Songs in the production include "Getting Ready for Christmas," "Take That!," "I Won (A Major Award)," "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!," "Ho, Ho, Ho!," "I'm Awake," "On Christmas, We Go Eat Chinese" and "There Must Be Something We've Forgotten." I know what I want in my Christmas stocking in 2010--tickets to this! I can't wait to hear "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!", I have a feeling it'll be a show-stopper, real Broadway gold.


Real Salt Lake's comin' home with some hardware!!

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Congratulations to Real Salt Lake for winning the 2009 MLS Cup! It's hard for me to cheer against Becks...but RSL got it done. Frowny face for Landon Donovan for shanking his penalty much for LA's "Galaxy of Stars." If this game is any indication of LD's "big game" play it does not bode well for Team USA in the 2010 World Cup.

Firelight - SNL Twilight spoof trailer

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This is an amazing spoof of Twilight. Taylor Swift has got Bella's lip-biting down pat. Can't wait for the sequel.

Chicken Bacon Artichoke deLITE Pizza

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I have never been a huge fan of Papa Murphy's Pizza, until now. In the past I have always had trouble getting their pizzas to bake all the way through, so I've stayed away. The other day my grandma brought us  their Chicken Bacon Artichoke deLITE Pizza. It is part of Papa Murphy's lower-fat, lower-calorie thin crust line – and it is delicious! It doesn't taste low-fat, it tastes gourmet and the crust is fabulous (and cooks beautifully in a traditional oven). It has a cracker-thin crust, topped with creamy garlic sauce, real mozzarella cheese, crispy bacon, grilled chicken, fresh spinach, marinated artichoke hearts, shredded parmesan, and herbs. And it's only $9.99. It's a really great dinner or something to cut up in smaller bites to serves as an appetizer at a party. Enjoy!

The Harry is fake...the scar is real.

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I was at 7-11 this morning and the cashier had dressed up like Harry Potter for Halloween. He was so into the holiday he had scratched Harry's "lightning scar" onto his forehead. He didn't draw it on, it wasn't a prosthetic scar, he had literally scratched the scar onto his head. That is taking Halloween far too seriously.

Creepy soaps....just in time for Halloween!

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I saw these "hand soaps" in a magazine. They are molded from real dolls hands. They creep me out (and kind of remind me of the creepy baby cake ). Please don't have these hand soaps in your guest bathroom. Thank you.

Book Crossing

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As a book lover I am intrigued by the idea behind Book Crossing,the world's biggest free book club. Maybe I'll join.

Wearable Towel infomercial

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What has happened to the world? If wrapping a towel around you is too difficult or immodest or whatever your issue is, how about you wear a robe? Then you don't have to shell out $20 for a faux-toga. I think a lot of these inventions are kind of weird but I wish I could invent one because then I'd be set for life...


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A couple things that are giving me nightmares right now...the picture of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in the new Alice in Wonderland movie and the photo of the Slap Chop (formerly of ShamWow!)guy that is on the front of the box. They both give me the creeps.
(FYI - I like Johnny Depp a lot and I'm sure the Slap Chop guy is perfectly nice, it's the pictures that scare me, not the men...)


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They now have a Snuggie for Dogs. Great. Just what every dog needs, to keep his paws free while he stays warm.

HGTV Design Star

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I Heart HGTV Design Star. I am so glad it's back! Along with So You Think You Can Dance, it's probably my favorite Summer show. This week the designers had to use items from the grocery story to decorate the "white room." If you get a chance to see a rerun, it's incredible what these guys do with apples, oranges, dog food, etc. Their creativity absolutely amazes me.

A nice garnish can class up any meal...

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Fancy Fast Food is my new favorite blog. They take food (ingredients) from fast food restaurants--Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy's, etc., and turn it into something that looks (if not tastes) gourmet. It's amazing what a good garnish and some creative plating can do!

Nauvoo University

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If you know anyone who would like a really neat educational experience, a new university is opening in Nauvoo this fall. Nauvoo University is a university with LDS standards located in historic Nauvoo, IL.

Type of Institution:
Nauvoo University is a coeducational private institution.
The institution will initially start as a semester study program.
The next step will be to become a two-year community college.
The final step will be a four-year university.

Nauvoo University is an independent, privately-funded university following in the rich educational tradition of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Brigham Young University, but not funded or operated by either of those institutions.

Nauvoo University offers a balanced education combining a classical liberal arts component with practical skills and training. The three current majors offered are General Education, History, and English, and will be expanded to others each year.

Nauvoo, Illinois, is a small rural town with a population 1,100. It is located on a bend in the Mississippi River in the Tri-State Area (Hancock and Adams Counties, Ill, Lee County, Iowa, and Clarke County, Missouri) with a population of 153,300 residents. The area includes Nauvoo, Carthage, Hamilton, Quincy, Keokuk, & Fort Madison.

Check out their Web site for more information.

I'm over 25. I guess it's time to grow up?

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Wow. Read this blog post at Tomato Nation. I guess it's time for me to grow up (and learn to walk in heels). Some of it I happen to agree with, some of it is a little harsh. Thank you notes are a must! Proper etiquette really has gone out the window. It's time for Emily Post (or her granddaughter) to write a new book that includes the etiquette of cell phones, texting, emailing, etc. I just thought this was an interesting article.

Michael Jackson (1958- 2009)

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The King of Pop has died. Thanks for Beat It, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Thriller, Man in the Mirror and Black or White.

Music I'm digging right now...

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I am really liking Diane Birch lately. Her song "Valentino" is the perfect peppy-folksy-poppy-song for the summer. It's a good driving song--if only I had a convertible...The rest of the album, Bible Belt, is good, too. But, as always, you don't have to take my word for it.

Free Lip Balm

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This year Burt's Bees celebrates its 25th anniversary. To celebrate, the company is giving away a bunch of free stuff, starting with 25,000 tubes of lip balm.

Each day through June 20, the company is offering 1,000 free Beeswax Lip Balms online. Today's stash is already gone, but you should bookmark this page for a chance to win. The contest starts sometime between 9 a.m. and noon ET, but it changes each day -- you have to keep checking the site.

I love getting free stuff and I love Burt's Bees lip balm -- it's a win-win situation!

Happy Anniversary Burt!!

Of course it's not real fruit!

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A California woman claimed she was deceived into buying Cap'n Crunch cereal during a four-year period because she thought "Crunch Berries" were real fruit. She sued the company for damages. Luckily the judge was smarter than her and threw out the case.

What kind of fruit did she think Crunch Berries were exactly? Dried um, maybe strawberries? Just another reason we need to put more money into our education system.

Cap Sac : The Fanny Pack for your head...

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Wow...I can't believe they didn't come up with this in the '80s. I'm getting rid of my purse and I'm gettin' me a Cap Sac!

(If you believed the above sentence, you don't know me very well)

Full House: The Movie

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Former sitcom star John Stamos confesses that he’s conceptualizing a “Full House” feature film. “I’m working on a movie idea, but it wouldn’t be us playing us,” he told NY Daily News. “I’m not 100% sure, but it would probably take place in the first few years” of the 1987-95 series.

The former “ER” doc votes for James Franco to reprise Stamos’ role as Jesse Katsopolis. “I see Steve Carell as [Bob Saget’s character] Danny Tanner and Tracy Morgan as [Dave Coulier’s] Joey Gladstone because he’s funny,” he added.

I'm not sure about this. Will Steve Carell be able to re-create the touching teaching moments at the end of each episode, you know the ones with the signature "you're about to learn something" music. I confess, I loved Full House as a kid. I even named my rabbit after D.J.

Saved By The Bell Reunion Update 3 (6/8/09)

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Something weird...

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Anyone else think it's weird that Captain Moroni is now starring in Hair? It kind of disturbs me.

The most helpful movie site--EVER!

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Okay so I almost always get the large soda when I go to the movies. This usually leads to the problem of having to run out to use the bathroom during a movie that I shelled out at least eight bucks to go see. A new Web site has come up with help for drink-swilling movie-goers like myself. is a site that's like a friend who's seen every flick out there and knows when the bathroom break moments are. Thanks, thanks to you I didn't miss any vital parts of Angels & Demons!

The Animal Odd Couple

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My professor showed us this video the other day--thanks Dr. Wakefield! This is an amazing story.

Glee - "Don't Stop Believin'" (REAL HQ - Direct from HD Broadcast, No Camera)

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Glee is my new favorite show! Musical theater nerds of the world rejoice--this show is just for you!

You Gotta Love it Baby!!

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After being the voice of the Utah Jazz since the organization was founded in 1974, "Hot Rod" Hundley will be retiring after tonight's game. He will be missed. He's only done radio broadcasts for the last few years, and I stilil miss him doing the TV broadcasts; his hair was always a little wild, as if he had been given a ride to the Delta Center on the back of a moped. It also often seemed like he'd had a few too many before the game and he NEVER let Booner get a word in. Nevertheless...he is one of the best in the business.

You'll recognize some of Hot Rod's famous sayings:

* “With a gentle push, and a mild arc, the old cowhide globe hits home.”
* “Yo-yoing”
* “Leapin’ leaner”
* “Hippity-hop”
* “Good if it goes!”
* “Frozen rope”
* “Belt-high dribble”
* “It’s in the ol’ refrigerator.”
* “Looking down the barrel”
* “...and the Mailman...Hammerdunk!”
* “Stockton to Malone!”
* “You gotta love it, baby!”

It just won't be the same next year without him! Good luck Hot Rod!

Food Court Musical

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If life were a musical...

Susan Boyle - Les Miserables [HQ] Episode 1 Britains Got Talent 2009

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This woman Susan Boyle is 47, has never been married, never been kissed and lives in Scotland with her cat--and boy can she sing! I can't believe she's never had an opportunity to show her talent before, how sad! It's so fun to watch the judges faces as she just blows their socks off! I hope she wins Britain's Got Talent!

A Good Way to Waste Some Time...

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As most of you know, I like nerdy things. One of those things is documentary films. In the Parade Magazine (you know you love it) on Sunday it recommended a new website called where you can go and watch over 600 different documentaries, including Super Size Me, What Would Jesus Buy?, one that tours Air Force One and many others. It's a good way to waste a couple of hours (and you might learn something).

Mama's gonna buy some new shoes...

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I narrowly edged out my mom to win the Inaugural Stone Family NCAA Bracket Challenge--thank you North Carolina!! I now have $40 and am going to buy some sandals. Maybe that will make Spring come more quickly...

Breaking sports news...

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So my family decided to fill out March Madness brackets for the first time this year. I've filled them out at work and school before but our family has never done it. We were trying to decide on a prize for the winner... Forty dollars is the grand prize. That's right forty big ones, smackeroos, sheckles, bread units, bills, Simoleons, etc. After two rounds, my mom is winning. She has several more points than anyone else. My mom, who doesn't care about sports AT ALL is going to get the forty bucks. My brother, my dad and I spent time researching our picks online and listening to sports radio and watching ESPN--what a waste of time! It looks like mom is going to be $40 richer next week--let's hope she doesn't spend it all in one place.

British Television

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They have made a Law and Order / UK!!! This show may have been created just for me. It combines three of my most favorite things: Britain, Law and Order and Jamie Bamber (my future husband). I love it! Unfortunately it is only shown in Britain and isn't even available on BBC America. Some lovely soul has decided to put the episodes on You Tube (click here for link). Sadly the UK intro is missing the "chung-chung" that is a LandO standard--it's just wrong! It's got a stellar cast--Jamie Bamber (BSG) and Freema Agyeman (Dr. Who) are the ones I recognize the most. Steele (the British version of Jack McCoy) may be even better than Sam Waterston. Episode four is by far the best, it's even better than the American version of the same episode. It's nice to see Britain adapting American shows for once, we owe them for so many classics: The Office, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and the recently canceled, Life on Mars.

I learned recently that they are making an American version of Absolutely Fabulous. Even though I love Kirsten Johnston and Kathryn Hahn, I feel that it is wrong to remake AbFab. It's too much of a British classic and it won't translate well, besides no one (no matter how great they are) will ever be able to play Patsy and Eddy as well as Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders. Please don't do this--it's blasphemous!

One small item of concern...

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WARNING!! Parachute pants are making a comeback. As you will remember, these were a bad idea the first time around (i.e. leggings, stirrup pants, side ponytails, doorknocker earrings, etc.). I NEVER thought these would make a comeback, but I have seen them in no less than four current fashion magazines. The end of the world must be at hand...heaven help us all.

A Pink Dolphin!

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The British newspapers always manage to find the wackiest stuff, no matter where in the world it happens. This article about an albino dolphin - PINK - living in Louisiana is amazing. Click here for the article.

Guess what came out today...

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Australia! I'm so excited. I liked the movie a lot, but I'm mostly just buying it for the water scene with Hugh know the one I'm talking about.

It's about time...

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I have been waiting for In-n-Out Burger to come to Utah since junior high. In those days a t-shirt from In-n-Out Burger was a "must have" to wear to soccer practice (along with ones from Hard Rock, the Crab Cooker and the Balboa Beach Company). Anyway, the day has finally arrived!! In-n-Out is coming to either American Fork, Draper or West Valley in the near future. *Yay!* Also, if you have tried the faux In-n-Out, Chadder's, it's okay--close, but not close enough. Chadder's currently has locations in American Fork and West Valley.

Doughgirl Cookies

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I was introduced to a new favorite thing yesterday. I was at my friend Marianne's Singers concert (check out The U of U Singers on iTunes U, they're awesome!) and one of the tasty treats they were serving were Doughgirl cookies. It's a fairly new cookie joint in Salt Lake, located at 770 South 300 West. The cookies are a-mazing. You can buy the cookies either as frozen dough or baked. The Gabrielle cookie is awesome and Kimber assures me the Red Velvet cookies are divine. Check Doughgirl Cookies out!

All tied up with a pretty bow...

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Wow. I have major R-E-S-P-E-C-T for anyone who can pull off that hat. It truly was an historical event yesterday.

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