The most helpful movie site--EVER!

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Okay so I almost always get the large soda when I go to the movies. This usually leads to the problem of having to run out to use the bathroom during a movie that I shelled out at least eight bucks to go see. A new Web site has come up with help for drink-swilling movie-goers like myself. is a site that's like a friend who's seen every flick out there and knows when the bathroom break moments are. Thanks, thanks to you I didn't miss any vital parts of Angels & Demons!

The Animal Odd Couple

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My professor showed us this video the other day--thanks Dr. Wakefield! This is an amazing story.

Glee - "Don't Stop Believin'" (REAL HQ - Direct from HD Broadcast, No Camera)

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Glee is my new favorite show! Musical theater nerds of the world rejoice--this show is just for you!

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