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One of my favorite blogs, dailycandy.comturned me on to Lypsyl, a great Swedish balm that has been softening lips with coconut oil and beeswax since 1905. Lypsyl has a nice minty flavor and the tube lasts a long time. It's great for chapped winter lips. You can find it at Walgreens, CVS or online at and at $3 it's a great investment.

No need to get up at 4 am to shop...go online!

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In the spirit of Black Friday I thought I'd share my new favorite online store. In the last few years I have started doing most of my Christmas shopping online. This year Entertainment Weekly introduced me to . Thanks EW! It has such fun and funky items for sale. I highly recommend it for those "hard to shop for" family members or friends. The Kor One water bottles are one of my favorite finds. They also have fun 2010 wall calendars, planners and some really cute reusable grocery bags. Happy Shopping!

Waffle shortage coming to a supermarket near you...

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Don't leggo your Eggos if you can help it...apparently America is in the midst of an Eggo Waffle Shortage. Flooding from heavy rains in Georgia have temporarily closed a large Eggo Waffle plant, causing a sharp drop in supply. Equipment problems at another large plant in Tennessee means the shortage is spreading.  Is this the biggest challange of Barack Obama's presidency? You'd think so from the hysteria shown on the news. I myself am a fan and frequent purchaser of Eggo waffles...but I'm not going to let this waffle shortage alter my breakfast routine. I won't switch over to Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudel just yet...FYI...Archer Farms' (Target) waffles are just as tasty and even less expensive. Hopefully Kelloggs can right this problem ASAP. Oh, and there's a shortage of pumpkin as well... so if there's an apple pie on your Thanksgiving table this week, that's why.

Elf Yourself v. 3.0

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Blast! Every year I get sucked in by ElfYourself, even though the concept should be totally lame to me by now. The site is back for Christmas '09 with a couple new features, including "singing" elves, the ability to post to Twitter/Facebook and the very necessary "Hip Hop Elves." (For $4.99 you can download your clip.)
Go ahead, make sure your boss isn't looking, and go waste some time at I think I'll put myself breakin' it down with Tom Brady this year...

There'd better be a song about the leg lamp...

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A Christmas Story, The Musical!, based on the 1983 MGM film, premieres at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre Nov. 20-Dec. 27, 2009.  It has already broken box office records at KC Rep and is aiming for a 2010 Broadway debut.  Songs in the production include "Getting Ready for Christmas," "Take That!," "I Won (A Major Award)," "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!," "Ho, Ho, Ho!," "I'm Awake," "On Christmas, We Go Eat Chinese" and "There Must Be Something We've Forgotten." I know what I want in my Christmas stocking in 2010--tickets to this! I can't wait to hear "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!", I have a feeling it'll be a show-stopper, real Broadway gold.


Real Salt Lake's comin' home with some hardware!!

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Congratulations to Real Salt Lake for winning the 2009 MLS Cup! It's hard for me to cheer against Becks...but RSL got it done. Frowny face for Landon Donovan for shanking his penalty much for LA's "Galaxy of Stars." If this game is any indication of LD's "big game" play it does not bode well for Team USA in the 2010 World Cup.

Firelight - SNL Twilight spoof trailer

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This is an amazing spoof of Twilight. Taylor Swift has got Bella's lip-biting down pat. Can't wait for the sequel.

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