Breaking sports news...

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So my family decided to fill out March Madness brackets for the first time this year. I've filled them out at work and school before but our family has never done it. We were trying to decide on a prize for the winner... Forty dollars is the grand prize. That's right forty big ones, smackeroos, sheckles, bread units, bills, Simoleons, etc. After two rounds, my mom is winning. She has several more points than anyone else. My mom, who doesn't care about sports AT ALL is going to get the forty bucks. My brother, my dad and I spent time researching our picks online and listening to sports radio and watching ESPN--what a waste of time! It looks like mom is going to be $40 richer next week--let's hope she doesn't spend it all in one place.

British Television

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They have made a Law and Order / UK!!! This show may have been created just for me. It combines three of my most favorite things: Britain, Law and Order and Jamie Bamber (my future husband). I love it! Unfortunately it is only shown in Britain and isn't even available on BBC America. Some lovely soul has decided to put the episodes on You Tube (click here for link). Sadly the UK intro is missing the "chung-chung" that is a LandO standard--it's just wrong! It's got a stellar cast--Jamie Bamber (BSG) and Freema Agyeman (Dr. Who) are the ones I recognize the most. Steele (the British version of Jack McCoy) may be even better than Sam Waterston. Episode four is by far the best, it's even better than the American version of the same episode. It's nice to see Britain adapting American shows for once, we owe them for so many classics: The Office, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and the recently canceled, Life on Mars.

I learned recently that they are making an American version of Absolutely Fabulous. Even though I love Kirsten Johnston and Kathryn Hahn, I feel that it is wrong to remake AbFab. It's too much of a British classic and it won't translate well, besides no one (no matter how great they are) will ever be able to play Patsy and Eddy as well as Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders. Please don't do this--it's blasphemous!

One small item of concern...

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WARNING!! Parachute pants are making a comeback. As you will remember, these were a bad idea the first time around (i.e. leggings, stirrup pants, side ponytails, doorknocker earrings, etc.). I NEVER thought these would make a comeback, but I have seen them in no less than four current fashion magazines. The end of the world must be at hand...heaven help us all.

A Pink Dolphin!

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The British newspapers always manage to find the wackiest stuff, no matter where in the world it happens. This article about an albino dolphin - PINK - living in Louisiana is amazing. Click here for the article.

Guess what came out today...

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Australia! I'm so excited. I liked the movie a lot, but I'm mostly just buying it for the water scene with Hugh know the one I'm talking about.

It's about time...

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I have been waiting for In-n-Out Burger to come to Utah since junior high. In those days a t-shirt from In-n-Out Burger was a "must have" to wear to soccer practice (along with ones from Hard Rock, the Crab Cooker and the Balboa Beach Company). Anyway, the day has finally arrived!! In-n-Out is coming to either American Fork, Draper or West Valley in the near future. *Yay!* Also, if you have tried the faux In-n-Out, Chadder's, it's okay--close, but not close enough. Chadder's currently has locations in American Fork and West Valley.

Doughgirl Cookies

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I was introduced to a new favorite thing yesterday. I was at my friend Marianne's Singers concert (check out The U of U Singers on iTunes U, they're awesome!) and one of the tasty treats they were serving were Doughgirl cookies. It's a fairly new cookie joint in Salt Lake, located at 770 South 300 West. The cookies are a-mazing. You can buy the cookies either as frozen dough or baked. The Gabrielle cookie is awesome and Kimber assures me the Red Velvet cookies are divine. Check Doughgirl Cookies out!

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