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Why oh why does it take iTunes so long to make Brit hits available? It kills me. Every once in awhile it forces me to take drastic measures to own a song. I must insist that everyone check out Amy McDonald. Four thumbs up. Her song "Mr. Rock n' Roll" is my new favorite and "Poison Prince" is not far behind. Until iTunes makes this great new artist available do whatever you have to to make it yours. You won't be disappointed.

Okay, so one thing I look forward to is the "The Must List" each week in Entertainment Weekly. It always has stellar recommendations--a random book you might have missed otherwise, a song that hasn't quite broken into the Top 40 or a website that's just awesome. A month or so ago they recommended featuring Will Ferrell and his 2-year-old landlord Pearl starring in the short "The Landlord". This was so worth my time. This week they have a book for hypocondriacs and worrywarts, The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You . The perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything?

Okay I know it's not from a magazine but...

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I found this on I thought it was hilarious. I love, love the 80's hair Jessica has. Could Paris get into nursing school? All signs point, no.

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