You Gotta Love it Baby!!

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After being the voice of the Utah Jazz since the organization was founded in 1974, "Hot Rod" Hundley will be retiring after tonight's game. He will be missed. He's only done radio broadcasts for the last few years, and I stilil miss him doing the TV broadcasts; his hair was always a little wild, as if he had been given a ride to the Delta Center on the back of a moped. It also often seemed like he'd had a few too many before the game and he NEVER let Booner get a word in. Nevertheless...he is one of the best in the business.

You'll recognize some of Hot Rod's famous sayings:

* “With a gentle push, and a mild arc, the old cowhide globe hits home.”
* “Yo-yoing”
* “Leapin’ leaner”
* “Hippity-hop”
* “Good if it goes!”
* “Frozen rope”
* “Belt-high dribble”
* “It’s in the ol’ refrigerator.”
* “Looking down the barrel”
* “...and the Mailman...Hammerdunk!”
* “Stockton to Malone!”
* “You gotta love it, baby!”

It just won't be the same next year without him! Good luck Hot Rod!

Food Court Musical

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If life were a musical...

Susan Boyle - Les Miserables [HQ] Episode 1 Britains Got Talent 2009

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This woman Susan Boyle is 47, has never been married, never been kissed and lives in Scotland with her cat--and boy can she sing! I can't believe she's never had an opportunity to show her talent before, how sad! It's so fun to watch the judges faces as she just blows their socks off! I hope she wins Britain's Got Talent!

A Good Way to Waste Some Time...

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As most of you know, I like nerdy things. One of those things is documentary films. In the Parade Magazine (you know you love it) on Sunday it recommended a new website called where you can go and watch over 600 different documentaries, including Super Size Me, What Would Jesus Buy?, one that tours Air Force One and many others. It's a good way to waste a couple of hours (and you might learn something).

Mama's gonna buy some new shoes...

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I narrowly edged out my mom to win the Inaugural Stone Family NCAA Bracket Challenge--thank you North Carolina!! I now have $40 and am going to buy some sandals. Maybe that will make Spring come more quickly...

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