Mormon Musical?

Posted: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | Posted by Em | 1 comments

Oh man, as if LDS Church members aren't taking enough heat over the Prop. 8 drama, now we have to deal with this? Click here to read the article. I guess the creators of South Park are writing/creating and possibly starring in a new Broadway musical called Mormon Musical. I don't think I'll reserve my tickets yet.

I Want My Two Dollars

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Does anyone else feel like screaming, "I want my two dollars!" at people when they owe you money? I am waiting to be reimbursed for a couple things at work and I kinda want to scream it at my boss, but I don't think it would be very professional; in this economy I'd like to hang on to my job as long as possible.

What to get for the person that has everything...

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Every year we do White Elephants at our family Christmas party. All year long I try and keep my eyes and ears open for things that would make a great "gifts". I recently found out about this Fish n' Flush toilet, and I really wish I had enough money to buy one and take it to the party. It would be an awesome White Elephant! If any cousins want to pitch in maybe we could have a group White Elephant or just give it to Grandma and Grandpa T. for Christmas.

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