Promises, Promises

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I went and saw Promises, Promises on Broadway last night. It is the musical version of the film The Apartment (with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon). All the music is Burt Bacharach. Let me just say that it was amazing. Sean Hayes should never do anything but Broadway--he is spectacular. He was absolutely perfect for the role. Broadway newcomer Katie Finneran was hilarious as a boozy flirt--she will be a big star. Notice I haven't even mentioned Kristin Chenoweth yet? She was the third best thing in the musical and she was amazing. I absolutely loved finally seeing her live on Broadway. They are still in previews and are working out a few kinks, but it really is excellent. Tony Goldwyn is a little weak, but not bad. The sets and costumes are so well done and everything feels very authentic to the 60s time period. Sean Hayes has a scene with an Eames chair that is so funny. Two words--Owl coat.

Rain, rain, go away...

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I want the streets of New York to look like this during a storm...

Instead it looks like this....

The tri-state area has been hammered with rain the past few weeks. It seems like we get teased with a couple days of sun and temperatures in the high 60s and then the rain comes back. And not just a light spring drizzle. We're talking a downpour and gusting winds that will take your umbrella OUT! If you see the Easter Bunny please tell him to bring me an umbrella that is made to withstand hurricane-like weather. Thanks.

Pick a card, any card...

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I am a sucker for cute cards, it's a disease I inherited from my mother. Paper Source in San Fran and Kate's Paperie in NYC are especially dangerous places for me and my wallet. But I've found a great new place online -- Sycamore Street Press. They have amazing, cute and funny cards available both online and in stores in most states. My friend Steph is one of their designers (Hi Steph!). Check out her alphabet and number posters--they make great baby gifts!

March Celeb Sightings

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A couple of random celebrity sightings from last week. While on a food tour with Marie and Deb (a couple friends who were in town) of the Meatpacking District we saw Mickey Rourke, complete with bionic arm and all. I know he's the villain in the new Iron Man sequel, but did he just forget to take off part of his costume when he left the set?

As we were leaving Billy Elliot, we saw Anthony LaPaglia at the stage door of his current Broadway show, Lend Me A Tenor.

Mr. Chocolate, what have you done now?

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I found what New York treat I'm going to try next. How about Chocolate Covered Cheerios from Jacques Torres? Hmmm. Could be good. You can also order them online at I'll let you know how they are.

Time to party...

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I like party decorations--streamers, confetti, banners, disco balls--the works. Thanks to Daily Candy, I found Banter Banner, a great place to get decorations for my next soiree.

Monopoly Makeover

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The classic board game recently got a major overhaul. The new Monopoly Revolution has a circular board, electronic banking and music. As long as it still has the Thimble and Boot as game pieces, I'm happy.

Available for preorder at, $35.

Bowling at the White House...

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I spent St. Patrick's Day in Washington, D.C.. Andrew, the other intern, and I spent a cool $29 to go down to D.C. for the day so that we could go bowling at the White House that evening. It was totally worth the money. Here are just a few pics from my bowling adventure. One lane was broken so we all took turns. I'm not the best bowler in the world, but I didn't get one strike or spare. Oh, well. Some guys turned the TV to Fox News, thinking it would be funny to watch Glenn Beck in the Obama White House. The interns we bowled with were from BYU and the University of Utah and were all very nice. It was a lot of fun.

It's like PB&J...but better

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If you want an amazing treat in New York City,  grab a tasty doughnut from the Doughnut Plant down in Chinatown. My favorite doughnut has raspberry jam filling and peanut butter tastes like the best PB&J ever! Mmmm. The Dulce de Leche, Creme Brulee and Triple Chocolate are pretty divine, too!

The end of an era...

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My dad just texted me and told me that on April 1, 2010 Emigration Market will be closing. "Emo," as it's affectionately known in my family, is a great little neighborhood market in the Harvard-Yale area of Salt Lake City. I have been going there my whole life. I used to take my $1 allowance and buy Lemonheads and Mr. Melons and Jawbreakers and baseball cards every Saturday. It is a part of my childhood and I am sad to see it go.

Sweets, and treats and seats...

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If anyone wants to buy me something for my birthday or Christmas or you know, whatever, I would like this cupcake seat from . I really want the gummi bear candy-lier, too. The stuff they have on their site is so creative. I would buy it all if I had money--and a house/apartment to put it in. Oh, well. A girl can dream...

Handsome Men's Club - JKL

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Another thing that made me laugh this week. I don't usually love Jimmy Kimmel, but anyone who can gather John Krasinski, Sting, Taye Diggs and Matt Damon for the same project deserves some props. Also love McConaghey as the villain...

I'm not a witch, I'm your wife!

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I hope you all remember that classic line from The Princess Bride. The reason I bring it up is that Carol Kane, the great singer/actress who made that line famous, came into my work yesterday. She had seen a show on PBS about the Mormon church and wanted to know more about it. Andrew (the other intern) and I got to talk to her about the Church for about 20 minutes. It was such a treat. She's the nicest lady. You never know who you'll meet in New York.

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