Book Crossing

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As a book lover I am intrigued by the idea behind Book Crossing,the world's biggest free book club. Maybe I'll join.

Wearable Towel infomercial

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What has happened to the world? If wrapping a towel around you is too difficult or immodest or whatever your issue is, how about you wear a robe? Then you don't have to shell out $20 for a faux-toga. I think a lot of these inventions are kind of weird but I wish I could invent one because then I'd be set for life...


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A couple things that are giving me nightmares right now...the picture of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in the new Alice in Wonderland movie and the photo of the Slap Chop (formerly of ShamWow!)guy that is on the front of the box. They both give me the creeps.
(FYI - I like Johnny Depp a lot and I'm sure the Slap Chop guy is perfectly nice, it's the pictures that scare me, not the men...)


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They now have a Snuggie for Dogs. Great. Just what every dog needs, to keep his paws free while he stays warm.

HGTV Design Star

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I Heart HGTV Design Star. I am so glad it's back! Along with So You Think You Can Dance, it's probably my favorite Summer show. This week the designers had to use items from the grocery story to decorate the "white room." If you get a chance to see a rerun, it's incredible what these guys do with apples, oranges, dog food, etc. Their creativity absolutely amazes me.

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