Olympic Thoughts (so far)

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Cutest Couple of the Olympics - Canadian Ice Dancing Supercouple Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir. Okay, so they're not a real couple, but I love them together anyway. They are so cute. I am so glad they won the gold medal.

 Olympic Crush - Aksel Lunk Svindal, the hot skier from Norway. He's won a couple gold medals, he has a great relationship with his dad, he's funny to follow on Twitter and he quotes Barney Stinson. Love him.

Biggest Olympic Dirtbag - Evgeni Plushenko. Creepy. He's such a poor loser. He says he won the "platinum medal" at the Olympics. Okay so he's a good jumper but he makes gross, skeezy moves during his performances. I needed to take a shower after his long program. As my roommate's sister said, "A few pelvic thrusts does not a gold medal make." I hope he retires for good this time.

Tassles, really?

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Johnny Weir is too much. At least he didn't do his Lady Gaga "Poker Face" number like he did at Nationals. Can't wait to see what he wears for the Long Program. I'm guessing rhinestones and maybe... fur?

Red Velvet Cake Yogurt...can it be good?

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Red Velvet Cake? Good. Yogurt? Good. Together? Hmmm. I will have to give this a whirl because  I am a big fan of both Red Velvet Cake and yogurt on their own. I'll let you know the verdict.

LOST...in the snow

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Some dude in Central Park took advantage of the huge storm last week to make a sweet snow tribute to LOST. The Four Toed Statue in Snow by Tom G. Waaaay better than a lame snowman. Jacob would be so proud...

Hug E Gram / HugEGram Commercial - Complete fail

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Worst Valentine's Day gift ever? I'm afraid this is a dealbreaker... Stick with the classics--chocolates, flowers and a nice dinner--you can't go wrong.


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Just a little shout out to my favorite winter sports movie, The Cutting Edge on the eve of the Vancouver '10 games.

Kate: I'm sure there's nothing I do that you'd find exciting. I don't open beer bottles with my toes, I don't sit around and count what's left of my teeth, hey, I don't even enjoy a good tractor pull. It's been a limited existence, but I've gotten used to it.
Doug: Life of the party, huh? Place must be crawling with guys.
Kate: As a matter of fact, I do have a boyfriend.
Doug: Well there's a rough gig. What do you do, keep him chained up in the basement?
Kate: Hale at the moment is working in my father's London office, he's an MBA - Harvard. You might have heard of it. They do have a hockey team.
Doug: He must be a very smart guy.
Doug: Bet you look pretty good from a few thousand miles away.

Jimmy Fallon "Glee" Parody

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Good. Not as good as the real thing, but it will have to do until Glee returns...

Anyone want to go halvsies on the Full House house?

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The TV house I most wanted to live in as a kid is for sale. The Full House house! I always wanted DJs room with the awesome geometric 80s wallpaper and the poster of George Michael and a recording studio in the basement where Jesse and the Rippers once recorded. I wish I could afford it. I mean if I were going to live in San Francisco, where better to live than the Full House house?

**Never mind. The article was wrong. The house is not for sale. It's a neighboring house. My heart is broken. I guess I'll have to concentrate on my second favorite 80s house, the one from Home Alone.

Knicks v. Wizards Feb. 3, 2010

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I went to a Knicks game last night. We sat in the nosebleed seats, but they really weren't that bad. We moved down to closer seats in the 3rd quarter. Madison Square Garden is a lot smaller than it looks in the movies. MSG always reminds me of one of my favorite movies Forget Paris; especially when the fans are hurling insults at Billy Crystal's character.  Last night the New York crowd treated the team to plenty of "Boos" and "You suck!"(and other lovely things than shall not be repeated here) until the Knicks stepped up their game in the second half. The evening was a success, the Knicks blew out the Washington Wizards and I got to see Spike Lee and James Taylor sitting next to each other on the front row as well as Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz. I'm still a faithful Jazz fan, but it was a fun evening.

Man, America is Lazy....

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Ah, Pajama Jeans--the love child of sweats and jeans. Pants made for those who want to be comfortable without looking like a complete bum or for those who are too lazy to wake up and get dressed for the day. I love my pajamas as much as the next gal. I also love jeans. I'll admit I can be lazy--but not so lazy that I can't take 30 seconds to change from my jeans into my PJs or vice-versa.

In other pant developments for lazy folks....I give you...Shoe Pants. Designer Sebastian Errazuriz has come up with the perfect clothing item for those who like to wake up, slip on their clothes and go. These jeans will save you a step. He put together denim and a pair of Converse shoes so all you have to do when you roll out of bed is slip a pair of these on and off you go. It's sort of a good idea.

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