2010 Emmys Opening Sketch

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I love this! Springsteen + Jimmy Fallon + Glee + Tina Fey + Sue Sylvester + Jon Hamm + Betty White + Hurley + Joel McHale + Tim Gunn = Completely awesome!


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Creative people astound me. I saw these on Etsy the other day and  I just have to share. Artist Karen O'Leary makes these incredible paper cut outs of city maps. There is London, Paris, Manhattan, San Francisco, etc. They are so intricate and detailed and beautiful and I want one! Here is her Etsy site. They are worth checking out!

California - Mindy Gledhill

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I only recently became aware of Mindy Gledhill. I fell in love with her song "California". Hope you like it!

Something riduculous that I want...

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For some reason I really want these girly-looking tools. They are made by Cynthia Rowley, one of the geniuses behind the now-defunct Swell line @ Target. You can find the tools here.

Liz/Jack 30 Rock Music Video

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Some video editing genius on You Tube took clips from 30 Rock (one of the funniest shows ever written) and put them together to create an angsty, dramatic, romantic video about Jack and Liz. I hardly recognized the show. I don't have any desire to see Jack and Liz together, but this is pretty good. It's just crazy what creative people can do. It also makes me realize that Tina Fey could do a dramatic role and nail it.

I love Community...

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Community is my new favorite show. Its pop-culture references alone make it hilarious. The first few episodes are a little rough, but then it gets really good. They reference several TV shows and movies from the 80s/90s. Particularly don't miss the episode "Beginner Pottery" if you're a Patrick Swayze fan or a fan of Arrested Development. "Modern Warfare" and "Physical Education" are also both really funny. You can watch most episodes on CastTV . Hulu only has a couple up right now. Just a suggestion for something funny to watch this summer (or what's left of it anyway).

Yeah, I bought this shirt...

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I've had it with hipsters. I'm sick of their androgynous, messy shag cuts and asymmetric side-swept bangs and faux-hawk hairdos, ridiculously tight jeans, guyliner, 1980s-Tom Cruise in Risky Business-Wayfarer sunglasses. In protest of Hipster-ization of America, I'm going to wear this shirt to the gym.

**Typically a Hipster can be identified by vintage or thrift-store bought clothing, a taste for obscure or underground music, a penchant for irony and an elitist attitude.

For more information see the definition of Hipster at UrbanDictionary.com

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