Holiday gift idea: All my friends are dead.

Posted: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 | Posted by Em | Labels: , ,

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, an under-$10 gift for your office holiday party or a little something for that friend who's hard to buy for, I suggest All my friends are dead by Avery Monson and Jory John.

If you're a dinosaur, all your friends are dead. If you're a pirate, all your friends have scurvy. If you're a tree, all  your friends are end tables. Each page of this clever book showcases the downside of being everything from a clown to a cassette tape to a zombie. It's really a children's book for adults. As one reviewer said, " teaches valuable lessons about life while exploring each cartoon character's unique grievance and wide-eyed predicament." From the sock whose only friends have gone missing to the houseplant whose friends are being slowly killed by irresponsible plant owners (like you), this book is all-at-once silly and poignant. All my friends are dead will make you want to call/text/email or write everyone you love.


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